When Fear Steps Aside

The brutal truth

that piece of stark reality

seldom heard,

inside the whines, the cries, the lies.

When life steps on a figurative


we do explode inside.

We rant,

we act-out, wielding weapons of words

to suggest how wrong YOU are,

how sweet life might be if THEY step away.

Yet in the quiet of our home

we do the buy-in

we make the choice to stay away

there’ll be no ruffling feathers tonight,

when fear steps aside,

and lets complacency inside.

Our world has experienced ‘dreams’

that received a clear shot in the face.

There is a certain power in maintaining the status quo,

but what about the other side,

that part we tend to avoid.

What about the people that only want to feel right,

rather than always living to accept second best.

Is that really living?


I would desire if I could to find a way to love,

I would if I could desire a way to find love

I would find a way to desire love

I would desire love

I would love

I love.

Please I would love you to share words, suggestions ...

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