Author: aquietwalk

teacher, director, poet, father, lover of music and human kindness, Irish Catholic upbringing, I do believe in God ... beyond that - I miss a lot of Sundays at church...

Silent Sky In Moonlight

Watch silent the sky in the midnight glow.

Walk alone in the night, we seem to know.

When the stars align would we wish to go.

Another place other than here we know.

Sixty four years later, now does it show.

One time ago, I wouldn’t care to know.

A thought keeps unfolding that I could stay.

Yet always now seeking some other way.

I’m told this morning is not yesterday.

Can’t we please come up with some other way?

I woke with a smile and could breathe today.

Sounds simple to think we might live this way.

I wanted life what was easy to stay.

Until I knew life just isn’t that way.

On Saying Goodbye

There’s a certain pang occurs,

not readily defined.

Creeps up on a soul

like an afternoon rain,

cloudy and hazed,

sheets of love remain.

It takes time to process

a loss,

a harbinger of going forward

remains still in the mind

weeks upon months upon

that year we subside

and allow our lives

to channel a new horizon.

On saying goodbye

so much left to

say, again,

anothr way.

Morning Sunlight

If we allow ourselves

a moment to engage

in the beauty of morning,

sunlight can radiate

our mind and body.

The leaves are turning

watching the autumn

descend upon our

summer dreams.

We will cycle

toward the arctic,

winter winds.

Yet, stand in the sunlight

for a moment, we might.

Cooing Doves

When first I noticed

I was losing my mind,

I was immediately embarrassed

as we live such perfect lives.

I wandered through my apartment

wondering if this was

all me

or some dream that had become

my only conscious

state of mind.

I was coming to terms with love.

I was hoping for cooing doves.

For we all seem to forget

who we are

in times of crisis

rather than knowing

who we can be

in times of enlightenment.

I wasn’t sure if I

wanted to have my dreams

last forever

or finally wake up.

I haven’t made a choice today.

One Day In Time

I thought about this

quite some time

a discrepancy

a moment sublime.

I thought about one day

I made up my mind.

I thought about love

I seemed to glance above,

only to find,

I was losing my mind.

Some choices

were meant to be blind.

I was meant to survive

to find solace in my rewind.

Seems we always recall

a necessary fall

that covers us all

with an insecure gall.

I wondered about time

in the span of a day,

a wandering respite

took a while now today.

The Stage

Stand with me

feel its energy

the many lives

some contrives

playing roles,

living lives.

I’m back inside

thinking about sets


moving moments.

For after all

the playwright

only asks we be true

to the words.

Stepping on again,

and feeling the energy,

the backdrops

and gobos,

all the different imagery

and dazzle goes into

creating moments.

Happy to hop along

this is where I belong.


a quiet walk

Life Story

A fairy tale

Once, we wail.

If one time we let go

Then we might know.

Beyond any wall

Glass slippers and all.

When then the wolf

Snarling and aloof

Would then our why

Cause no longer a cry.

If inside a dream

We no longer scream.

In the real world

Our stories are told.

Only then might the tale

Our solemnity cradle.


Where are we

out here?

My life feels

the weight.

Carrying burdens

of choice for years.

Not knowing ever

how stirred up we were.

Omniscient theories

cross my mind.


Could this be,

simple and free,

this is how life should be,

less the insecurity.


Could we talk in circles

until out of breath

life decides this outcome

without any need for input,

we would be

who we now wish to be.

Dreams Scream

Oh to be lost inside a dream,

to not awaken,

to live inside its stream,

to be less spoken.

For there is a journey then,

languishing in the story,

when then we wonder when,

we might this mystery.

Well one moment feel secure,

another takes a dive,

such a travel is obscure

our reality feel so alive.

I stayed inside with wish to scream,

oh, help me now outside this dream.