Let My Tears Remain

Please do not offer me solace,

help me forget the pain I feel,

imagine a different world too soon,

in order to find a peace we all …


We’re crying I hope,

I would like to imagine every household,

each quiet ride in a commute,

listening to reality rather than fiction,

I would wish the tears might offer a response.


Please be angry, sad, contemptuous, scared,

thoughtful with audible concern.


Remember all those conversations about love,

how it is truly a bliss,

a wonder to imagine,

something we cannot ever pin down,

just know we do understand we want to believe

we can all share in that true essence,

yet, we have never really defined love.


Soulmate, sister, brother, companion, lover, best friend,

mentor, sage, elder, favorite aunt, chance encounter,

all those opportunities to help us define

our own personal

Amazing Grace

We can live together you and him, and she,

and that bunch across the road,

those people, them imposters,

the new neighbors,

our whole fucking damn society,

wherever we are and however manner we wish

to exist.


Yes the conversation has got to begin.

Yes, don’t you dare wipe away my tears,


Lacking Skin

I draw little attention to who I am

based solely upon a certain gem

some would call the bane of life

yet I might think of none of them.


I walk in a department store alone

gather little if any attention shown

I could probably open the register

take a dollar bill and dial the phone


While standing nearby noticed you

I couldn’t help but think of the blue

vibrance in sky that dreams peace

stillness occurs to recognize few


We thrive in a world of confusion

a constance bold without solution

little concern merits our evolution

little concern, we await revolution


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I Protest

I walk into the fray, to suggest, I disagree with the status quo.

There it begins, our ability to change,

We do need only the challenge to create the fear of reprisal.

Yet everywhere we look in the books, the words, the platforms,

wherever we land always seems to encourage,

the ability to change, I mean, challenge, well, we might

go forward.

I am a white man in a world of pain that doesn’t come close to

his agony, her resentment, their desire to exchange the gains.

For when they measure their own departures aren’t childhoods reminded

of that innocence, that delight, that indulgence of the human condition

without any agenda, no scrutiny, no ill met ignorance that drains

my own energy when I try to imagine what my life is in need,

I conclude, without any distinct pleasure,

I am a lucky man.

Yet today, in the waking morning of a sunrise in winter,

I must find a way to arrive in the front lines of this,

our personal responsibility to awaken our soul,

to protest the reality of our lives, together,

moving steady,

gaining strength,

finding peace,

as we walk, slow, cautious, forward.

Finding Fear

I think I was twelve,

I know I was,

but perhaps I try to forget.

I know I wanted

some explanation, a discussion,

a civil acceptance.

We were children

we didn’t need to understand

only live our quiet, innocent lives

without knowing discretion.

Please let me explain

while you summon your …

benevolent attitude.

When once we might play outside

as children often do,

today I could not walk away,

without fearing you.

I suppose you might believe I was afraid of them,

but that was confusion,

that moment of indescretion,

when it was you

that explained so emphatically,

your views.

That was the moment I began

finding fear,

never completely accepting

how close to me,

your philosophy,

your affinity with the masses

of perpetual ignorance,

your insidious posture

revealing its ugliness


When Fear Steps Aside

The brutal truth

that piece of stark reality

seldom heard,

inside the whines, the cries, the lies.

When life steps on a figurative


we do explode inside.

We rant,

we act-out, wielding weapons of words

to suggest how wrong YOU are,

how sweet life might be if THEY step away.

Yet in the quiet of our home

we do the buy-in

we make the choice to stay away

there’ll be no ruffling feathers tonight,

when fear steps aside,

and lets complacency inside.

Our world has experienced ‘dreams’

that received a clear shot in the face.

There is a certain power in maintaining the status quo,

but what about the other side,

that part we tend to avoid.

What about the people that only want to feel right,

rather than always living to accept second best.

Is that really living?


I would desire if I could to find a way to love,

I would if I could desire a way to find love

I would find a way to desire love

I would desire love

I would love

I love.

When Hope takes Holiday

Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry

The park seemed so attainable,

safe, reachable,

nothing sharp, or piercing,

only the equipment

that satisfied my eyes,


morning through night,

hours of fun she said,

and insisted,

and prayed that I might,

then understand.


Before the storms arrived,

I knew my ground,

wished for fairy tale dreams,

while searching the skies

as my hair trailed on the sandy ground.

Peaceful and alive,

I knew I could do this forever,

and today I would,

for just out of her reach,

I felt the initial wave,

when the bombs dropped.

What Is Love?

Do you know,

I’m asking,

I need your help.

How rare to have a moment

to pause

to think

maybe imagine there are answers

outside of your comfort zone

outside of your comfort zone

outside of your usual way of thinking.

Instead of ‘you’ 

let’s talk about me,

walk inside my world

and tell me what can be seen.

Is there love?

How can we tell what love really is

when our world cries out in fear

with every opportunity 

to share ideals, to share, to love.


to me becomes quiet,

soft, a caress, a knowing smile,

an ability to allow me,

to rest, to feel assured, to know I am …


Yet, in a world

where we are constantly

always, constantly,

you know,

just kind of so constantly


we don’t belong,

In a world where hate

is honored before we can …


Can You Hear the Music?

There ain’t no music tonight,

It stopped again,

we are lost in a swirl,

fog of hate & vitriolic acid.

We want to believe 

our lives have changed

to look past the hate.


We are fed too well,

looking at streets in chaos

while a reporter

freshly coifed,

looking pretty,

expresses the horror,

across the street.




Have you ever wondered

just why,

just how easy it is

to post a remark,

to tweet a reaction,

to snapchat our own demise

of what remains of the

human condition?


Could we care about Ferguson

rather than hope  

for more, highlights,

news fillers,

and yet in the middle of all the pain,

‘we’re going to take a short break’

that’s when the music begins,

soothing, pleasant, with political overtones,

sort of mind-fu… oh, wait a second

that’s censored.


Can we use this to start a race riot?

Perhaps then we might,


perhaps when everyone has beaten

the snot out of each other,

few people ‘die’ on

national television.


Might it be possible

to start a new dialogue? 


How many weeks will it take to forget 

about the source …

Michael, Mike, Black kid, 

attach the proper terms,

robbery, assault, hatred,

what’s his name,

what does it matter?

might as well be 

Rodney King.


sing a little song.

A National Opportunity











Shhh …

Can you hear it?

Opportunity …

Yet, yes the wonder.

How did we get here;

Where might we possibly go!


Did you know

some school yards

will suppress a gathering

of three or more.

So in other words,

leaving individuals on their own

satisfies ‘the man’

rather than allow inspiration

to flow between the lives

of passionate Man.


I want to cry when I hear the news,

hide when I imagine the blues

this nation of miscued society

rests their laurels upon.

Is it real to imagine

there Lies a solution?

Pleasant play on words

without hurting any one

civil liberty.


If an opposing group

arrives to disrupt

the already chaos driven


how can we find

a common ground,

take a chance

and rather than tell each to


to go, 

to go find a way to move …



I wish I knew,


the fear in my heart – 

shhh … love!