Deep Thinker

Sometime, long ago while he was wishing for more,

a word crossed his lexicon

while a simple analogy

the eccentricity of normalcy

caused him a stir.

Always the wish for routine,

easy marks,

a leisurely stroll through challenges,

an alluring sanity,

might bore some, but for this man,

his desire to thrive got in the way of


Had to know, needed to show,

wanted to


want to fit in.

Do the sands your feet grace along the ocean waves,

feel the same to you as me,

or do they trigger a different reaction?

Might you think of home differently,

than the others

the thousands,

the minions who somewhere, some other time,

walked along the same grains,

wondering similar yet,

far different realities.

Well then it is true,

after all the thought and compelling advice,

we do want the same thing.

Yet who decides the depth of

any single

any collaborative,

any obligatory

journey toward the sun.

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