A heartbeat.

A cradled affection,

a sense of worry is unconditional,

she will always remember that one time.


Oh while the years pass,

many judgments, a currency of opportunity,

an aesthetic realization that depends upon her eyes,

she will always remember that one time.


We willingly recall,

the time she managed our innocence

with a sweep of her hand, a tender kiss,

she will always remember that one time.


I’m on the bus,

her walking nearby she said later,

yours was  a rather contemplative sadness,

she will always remember that one time.


There live the fortunes of time,

when we can respond to favored memory,

while, growing we did become showered in smiles,

she will always remember that one time.


And I suppose we all will,

that one time,

when in the throes of our own lifetime,

we did look toward the skies and delight in …



In Shadows


Where my reality lives, I sometimes never know,

depends upon the breathing,

a slight rasp might mean finding an edge,

a smooth inhale is the sign of reaching an end.

I do know though,

when I glance to my side,

in a sunlit morning, I can see myself,

that part of me no one might ever understand,

yet it contains me,

all of me beyond the physical attributes,

that sometime do define who I am.


I like to hide from him,

as much as possible because the possibilities are endless

when I go about thinking all the mistakes he contains,

when the brilliance of my mind let’s loose,

and there is no where to turn except to jump in,

wait it out until sunset, at least then I might disappear.


I wish there might be the occasion when in a fleeting moment of forgetfulness,

he could gesture an implied consent,

a suggestive attribute of worthiness,

yet instead,

he lingers, waiting, watching, knowing,

what it is I might be wondering.


* photo found on Pinterest

That Life is Good

When waking to the morning sun

new breath to match quiet repose

one might wonder if this hour begun

could would help discover a suppose.


When tossing about the day’s activity

can we see far enough ahead to prevent

that sense of lost desire in proclivity

that sort of burrowing down we lament.


When we create the identity of our lives

might we also allow for humanity to say

no matter the beauty in mind that thrives

leave assurance to frailty in heart today.


We do in the condition of our state of mind

seek truth in constant battle without remind.

Dive Inside

A rare moment,

when able to slide in over the edge,

to risk the familiar

find waiting in the depths,

a quiet reality.

I once stood amidst the gravel and leaves,

by myself,

a solo moment without regard

from any nearby influence,

and it was there I should have remained.

Knowing Love

We do wonder


whether the moment we glance

in the eyes of another,

if we can know real love.


So often the distractions of survival,

allow us to forget about that real


our lives for the sake of others.


We make choices for ourselves,


of the many valuable lessons,

the honorable few,

those precious moments,

when the eyes speak only love.


We want to believe,

we can find that energy with each waking day,


where does the moment disappear to

when most needed,

when in the throes of despair,

we suddenly need



We might know a stronger foundation,

if in that weak sentiment,

we can foresee the future,

and rather than rely upon


instead, we ask for love,

we know,

we imagine,

genuine love.

Cautious Eloquence

Choose your words with care,

recognize a world lies before us all,

each one as wanton as the next

for that valuable record.


I wonder if it is so chosen

that we cross paths

reasons ignite our ideals,

suddenly words reign down,


eye contact becomes vague,

our world’s collide,

in the utterance of theory,

the notion of ‘my’ time.


who is it suggested one day,

that silence can be a strong

indicator of how powerful

a man –


In respect to only words

we are forsaken by impulse,

where some might be clear,

other’s need a vague reciprocity.


… and then there are those that simply don’t care.

Deep Thinker

Sometime, long ago while he was wishing for more,

a word crossed his lexicon

while a simple analogy

the eccentricity of normalcy

caused him a stir.

Always the wish for routine,

easy marks,

a leisurely stroll through challenges,

an alluring sanity,

might bore some, but for this man,

his desire to thrive got in the way of


Had to know, needed to show,

wanted to


want to fit in.

Do the sands your feet grace along the ocean waves,

feel the same to you as me,

or do they trigger a different reaction?

Might you think of home differently,

than the others

the thousands,

the minions who somewhere, some other time,

walked along the same grains,

wondering similar yet,

far different realities.

Well then it is true,

after all the thought and compelling advice,

we do want the same thing.

Yet who decides the depth of

any single

any collaborative,

any obligatory

journey toward the sun.