And The Story Went On

Soon after she left

He sat in the room

Knowing the alone

Had become his world

Outside the door

The people walked by

And one whispered slow

He’s a statue inside

And then the cherry

On the cigarette lit

A waft of smoke nearby

And the neighbor knew the truth

He wasn’t alone anymore

At least from the outside

Looking in

To a place he never understood

Just knew he was there forever

Until he stepped away

That would be a very long time

A lot of pain to travel then

Before the world looked new again

See he was fighting for the love

That seemed so certain weeks before

That now appeared to be down the road

Out of reach and further down the avenue

He couldn’t no longer appreciate that beauty

Instead just pain every vision that met his eyes

Yet, tonight, as the darkness began to drift into twilight

His heart had felt the pain, he knew there would be light

Soon after she left

He sat in the room

Knowing the alone

Would remain close for a time

Until he soon stepped off his dime

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