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Every Day We Can Love


When we feel the sun upon skin at dawn

we might be thankful of another rise

inside the spectrum of a life begun

in my eyes, your beauty then in my eyes

I have been gifted the presence of one,

delightful, lovely, in my friend so wise.

While every rising sun and setting moon

I might be known without rest impulsive

she will comfort me, why she’ll nearly swoon

despite my incredulous dismissive

state of mind, far greater her love will soon

begin a sojourn toward love suggestive.

This is my friend, her love as so designed

I am humbled by lasting love so kind

May With Flowers

A melancholy ordinary day

while traveling along a dusty way,

I thought of the month of May

how sweet to see your eyes today.


That’s when the flowers begin

a sojourn outward from within.

In May our hearts long to pin

us down with sweet romancin’


Remember those distant afternoons

we’d linger passing minutes in swoon

I might now in May recall a tune

making love underneath the moon


I would believe in you in May.

A saucy time when hips would sway,

dances while your eyes made me stay

in your arms – please don’t go away.


Let you hold me in your arms tonight

I want to comfort you too if I might

we can win the war of evil tonight-

May flowers bloom in mourning sunlight


Spring is in the air, its May everywhere

so don’t despair, soft wispy eyes so fair.

Moments by Moonlight – A Sonnet




We are a memory in someone’s eyes

unless we forget to glance where it lies.

How many evenings have we remembered

late shadows a rendezvous; we weathered

a storm of passion tasting skin envy.

Our searching mind tells tales known, every

lost moment by moonlight, when still we pause

to feel the solar tug of Nature’s cause.

For love is held in our hands in fashion

sparkling fires, tidal waves of passion,

become easy to notice, midnights glow.

Soft heart’s enter anew sweet nectar’s flow.

Such energy is fond in memory

while keeping well at bay our lunacy.

And The Story Went On

Soon after she left

He sat in the room

Knowing the alone

Had become his world

Outside the door

The people walked by

And one whispered slow

He’s a statue inside

And then the cherry

On the cigarette lit

A waft of smoke nearby

And the neighbor knew the truth

He wasn’t alone anymore

At least from the outside

Looking in

To a place he never understood

Just knew he was there forever

Until he stepped away

That would be a very long time

A lot of pain to travel then

Before the world looked new again

See he was fighting for the love

That seemed so certain weeks before

That now appeared to be down the road

Out of reach and further down the avenue

He couldn’t no longer appreciate that beauty

Instead just pain every vision that met his eyes

Yet, tonight, as the darkness began to drift into twilight

His heart had felt the pain, he knew there would be light

Soon after she left

He sat in the room

Knowing the alone

Would remain close for a time

Until he soon stepped off his dime

Sweet Ode to Her Eyes

Music will light up the night

Visions in tear-drawn windows

Sweet sounds to remind

Time in essence

Do you ever recall exact meaning?

We met one summer

Taking classes or just noticing

A certain intrigue

Drew our lives together

We played with our own desires

Drawing nearer

Letting caution be our muse


I remember you

There was this gold string sash

You put it in my hands

Before the party

My teenage insecurities

Wouldn’t let me realize

The energy around that sash

Your fingertips in my hands

While wrapping string

Around my naiveté

I remember your smile

Eyes shining in the evening sky

Lips curled with a sweet

Clever knowing grin

A caution held in a sash


Years went by, and a visit

Drew us together again

My sister was always sharp

She knew long before I did

And we chuckled

That brief evening

When I kissed you …

I might almost recall the fabric

Your jean jacket

As my hands held your shoulders

And you leaned into me

We borrowed only for a moment

A neighbor’s wall outside a party

And chuckled away

Letting caution be our muse


The beauty of time

Two souls travel distance

And yet I came home again

Standing in a crowded room

Feeling ambiance and years

Moods that could channel souls

Quiet in my own mind I wondered

Leaned against the wall

Noticing strangers

When my eyes opened

You stood before me

I recognized your smile

Your eyes sparkled with

That knowing grin

Immediate conversations

Took us long into night

A romantic park bench

Moment in endless hours

There was only time

To grace one another’s past

And offer fresh retellings

Each word with allowance

Knowing caution was our muse


Our next reunion

A social media moment

When a text finds a friend

In the twilight

Welcoming coffee

And strong dialogue

We talked of family

Of love

Of life and sisters

Children and fortune

Certainly without the material wealth

But how the soul feels

Within those moments

Your heart, compassion

Beauty, grace, elegance

All of those words you deny

Were spoken in the sweet windows

Of your eyes

Laughing over ice cream

Caution is human nature’s muse


While the moon in night amber

Beckons our mind to figure out why

Know your eyes will give expression

In their reaching desire to recognize

How purpose drives our spirits

To define that mystique of passion

That romantic interlude

Between the real and imagined

When in a song we might recall

While suggesting otherwise

Our peace can be held in our hands

Knowing we may touch someone’s heart

(Eyes do, will, can, have touched our hearts)

Let time become our nostalgic sojourn

Well beyond the Grace of caution’s muse

Seeking Solace

Respond to all within sweet moment’s need

Suddenly drawn to resolving a quiz

The mind will venture further in its greed

Real as such savors a temperate breeze

In Man whilst heart is in common display

Venture forth that desire to recognize

Validation may cause the mind to sway

Beyond our normalcy; what love belies

Human spirit tests Her society

Mystique will question a sublime author

Whose world drives are willed while the wanderer’s

Own ability grieves wide beyond fears

Her eyes might depend upon sweet lovers

Beauty regards grace in His elegance

While our solace suggests seeking new chance