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Three Spirits

I watched her walking

She held the cup with two hands

The look on her face was tired

How often did she need to explain

That her life might be different

On a day to day basis than you or me.


He stands alone, seems to wait

Watching wishing wanting

Though that is theory his eyes

Have a pleading glance as bodies

Move throughout his comfort zone

He may only want to walk away.


And everyday the crowd gathers

Allowing this enigma full of notions

To drift past each story, each dialogue

Eyes that see may not connect

And we only know that a certain energy

Exists and holds a key to explanation


Quiet is each a symbol of truth

Seek the human condition in real time.

Moral Fiber

I was very young

when they introduced me to


That they might believe a word

could erase my innocence

that they

is a descriptive word at all is disturbing

A generalization

A way to not take


That moral fiber

might be discussed,

is a question we tend to avoid

when the going gets …

awkward silence

Walks Nostalgic


And I was walking up a hill

Feeling the rocks crack under me

As each step suggested will

That certain desire to keep


Climbing with uncertain fears

Wishing there might be a rise

In the morning; spirit of nature’s

Beauty; her grace might now advise


My frame of mind is patterned

By a ritual to believe in knowing

Each day I’ll reveal a learned

Truth that His grace is forgiving


And now today the rocks remain

Loose in gravel as we slowly climb

In memory our hearts still contain

Same fears, same hopes, same time


When forty years ago I wished peace

Might overtake the daily arrogance

That quiet revelation, that new tease

Of notion will allow our heartfelt chance


To travel back in time and steal away

The hours that reveal certainty today.

I decided

A moment ago

I was a child

Playing in dirt outside

Until a scrape

A pebble created a blister

And now my knee hurts.

With the little red mark

The fragment of stone

Dug into my skin briefly

Enough to help me

Let me recognize

There is a feeling of pain

That exists when we move


Uncharted waters

Bring certain adventure

A storied once recognized

Journey respects change.

And today I traveled

Among peer and adult

With a new agenda

We would hope respect

Relies responsibility.

What question might infer

That you think me alright

About such sudden alteration?


The world knows me

As something defined today

No speculation

Simply circumstantial

Evidence to indicate

My psyche just entered

New waters

Mixed emotions

Frail reactions

Angry notions

Quiet disparity

That would allow


My neighbor

Locker peer

Health class hitchhiker

To destroy our weak bond


Being needy I would advise

Your life be simply more wise.

We Bleed at the Doorstep (dedicated to Marcos Pantaleon)

Our lives are here together
We share our triumphs
With the same energy that consumes
Our despair
We now know tragedy on a personal level
Not the first time
We know the risks while others
Simply do not own
Or care to understand
And yet tonight
We are one and we are strong
And Boston is a very long way away
We bleed at the doorstep
Truth is as I stand here with you
I don’t have a clue
The symbolic nature of your
Sacrifice. I can only feel
Loss and confusion
The halls of Shakopee will empty
Of the laughter and love you bring
To every day with your smile
I feel your spirit tonight
And I look around
And the people all represent
The beauty of your challenge
That is Energy
We bleed at the doorstep
People can be beautiful
In the smiles and tears that are shared
To help ease the pain
The terrible angry scorn
Of wondering what is His plan?
How do we continue to seek our
Within a disconnect that shirks
Our freedom to laugh and love
Tonight we stand together
A familiar sight
That works in quiet beauty
We bleed at the doorstep
Candles will be held towards your light
Guide us eternally home with you tonight.

Community Angst

Quiet please

Just don’t speak

I mean

Try to avoid listening

At this moment there is a pattern

To how we respond

How words spark

The imagination

How notions translate

What once might have been


Feelings of self worth


I told you everything

Shared difficult times


What did I miss?

That you need to continue

Manifesting your own

Sense of being

Personal identity

How might my reaction

Allow you that

False, self-serving inner



Today won’t go away

We’ll see each other again

And shyness will feign ignorance

The hours will speed by

That is, drift by

Well, as long as there are no


Those are the painful

Realities we like to avoid

That fantasy of visual


That we cannot seek

We want to get along.

Not today


Sun rise

Sun set

Question Me

Lacking heart


When I say it doesn’t effect me in any way?

My affect isn’t fitting 


for a manner that befits the coming day?

You’re so easy

to make afraid

just flip on the tele

and create a parade

of sad notions

with pictures to follow

The range of emotion

is like a soft rain


hours upon hours of detail

to suggest we are not alone

but enduring this unreasonable adventure

human frailty

mixed bags 

sad commentary

Every angle would begin

unraveling the mystery

that allows me to forget that 







dependent upon a single action

to help me define who I am

so that others might remember me

remember me

remember me

what if no one can

remember me

I Stopped to Breathe

Such exhilarating presence,

Seeing the mile marker

And realizing I had made the run

With everyone that joined me

A beautiful moment

And then I looked


To see my arm laying before me

In disbelief

I reached a pinnacle moment

And discovered that my life

Laid helpless on the ground

In a sudden flash



And the chaos ensued

As like a timeless ocean

Of practical emotion

I glanced upon

My detached left arm


As disconnected as my body felt

Running in a zone

In this second I was now

Parted from my own world

My eyes watered as the pain

Moved quickly to shock


I am supposed to be drinking water

Or a protein shake

I ran a marathon this morning

And like hundreds of others

I anticipated this moment

Of silent realization, of recognition


I didn’t ask for this

I wanted to collapse with fatigue

And not with the reality

Of having my body torn

Apart by a C4 explosive

I want to cry


I want to believe that the world

As I might recall my childhood

Exists in my waking day

As much as it may today

Staring in disbelief

My arm has begun to hurt.


I want my — freedom

Night Moves

Stars align

World energy

Isolates itself internally

See we all carry a burden

A hidden secret

Quiet in our realization

Yet outspoken when the situation

Feels right

Gives opportunity to reveal

That understanding

So rare when the moment

Is in crisis

I mean in circus

A big top moment


Desire and passion and reckless


All wrapped into one simple truth


And when I live

I am forgiven

Yet when I die

Nothing matters nearly

As much as tonight’s moment

Have you seen the moon?

Not this week

Doesn’t feel right

There will be an afternoon, evening

Daybreak when the mind

Will wander

Surely a glance will reveal

That rising moon

Uncanny how it suddenly appears

At life’s candor driven ideal

Candor, frank appeal

It is then that the moon is full


In this sweet solace a peace may embrace

Our lives will suffice nigh reckoning.