We Breathe In The Woods


Out here beyond the concrete and stale excess,

A certain community evolves like a wind-swept

Gale of unbridled beauty inside natural elegance.


Inside this forest of bush and briar, the green pines,

The essence of pristine glory our mother earth gives

So free is a waiting testament of a spiritual order.


I am a man seeking some solace in my day hoping

I once more can acknowledge how my life will

Evolve like the natural buds of spring in moisture.


Yet in shimmer I am compelled by a silent order exists

That although I suspect is real, still elusive to my

Grasp I believe will still make allowances with love.


I understand the business of honor and pride needs

Tender fantasy to allow each individual penance

A shout upon the rooftops of our key to happy lives.


While solemn I begin to rent a space from the land sacred

To our hearts. I only wish you remarkable delight … always.

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