When Just A Child

I could dream,

look out over an open landscape,

let my mind travel to somewhere, I couldn’t see,

but I felt it, deep in my bones,

I’d look to the sky,

hope it might be there, appear,

always returning eventually,

when my name I might hear, a song on the radio,

would always bring me back.


Today I’m older,

still looking out that window,

wondering what might truly be nearby,

just around that concept,

the idea of a new horizon,

a different place,

one that offers resource,

to help contain the peril of this place.

Perhaps that’s strong,

yet, I do believe we are sometimes gazing

at the brilliance of an evening star,

and we left believing …


Something is out there, and beautiful,

a dream, a mystery, an island hoping we could

land there, just for a moment,

and then we’re pulled back again,

the island fades into our natural trance,

we’re left imagining there will be another day,


when I glance across the street through my open window,

I will see the beauty of life in freedom’s grasp so delightful.

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