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Trapped In Own Advice

Remember the conversations,

an afternoon waltz

upon the tiles of education.

Having lost my niche,

sought out a colleague,

suddenly when in past there was an easy


now the response seemed

hesitant, life repeating itself,

seems heard this one.


The advice of beleaguerment

having found itself,

really, that inner bind of knowledge,

make it Hollywood,

use a standard plot,

but the reality

so much more eloquent,

holding value

to some hidden



Only alone in thought,

imagining everyone to walk the same

aisle of conversational suicide.

Yet there are such is the

minion mindset.

There are those moments of clarity,

and saddened surrender

only remains hope that a serenity,

bold in its own candor

does mean peace.

© Thom Amundsen

A Teacher’s Lament

I think of my former colleagues today,


Walking into a world around me


yet show up we will.

We walk in the classroom,

we hold your student’s lives near our heart.

We will be there waiting for them

the students

the inspiration

the reason no matter the circumstance

outside of our control.

We do show up,

to help your students,

lives will be successful,

despite the arrogance of

Tik Tok



the instruments of a society

no longer welcome in the classroom.

© Thom Amundsen 12/2021

Suddenly Settled

He watched quiet

a dog running

safely sequestered

in a dog park.


Look at the gentle sky

outside his window.

Sunlight crystal crossing snow,

he does breathe.


Last night candles

brought a peace

an unanticipated

trip into seclusion.


Stood inside

a garrison

of afterthought

wondering what now.


An opportunity knocking

take advantage and run.

The benefit of self

exploring new diamonds.

©️ Thom Amundsen 12/2021

This Elegance We Embrace

We all do it,

finding our rhythm,

finishing a silence,

walk into an art gallery

a posturing room,

full-length graphics mixing relics

modern day scenes,

they’re in today’s statement look

men perhaps some bravado to

set the tone

yet the arts

only exist as our creative soul

would allow delight

to capture our eye

a visual walkway,

certain an

outlet, a freedom

in the arts, is poised

this is an elegance, awaits our eyes.

© Thom Amundsen 12/2021

This Silence

Feel the wind against the pane

a song, a following

a giving greeting

in a storm.

Then gone, it disappears,

left in quiet

taking in a gray day outside.

A time to reflect

let memory share a moment

when all that matters

lay before me,

such is beauty when to breathe

is another utterance of fresh air

heard in the breeze,

silent in mind.

©️ Thom Amundsen 12/2021

Wrapping Up

Leaving in the night,

seems quiet, time ahead

Leaving in the night

wouldn’t I be dead.


Gotta ask yourself today

about a dilemma, in your head

What is it about this way

I need in a dream to succeed.


Leaving in the night,

seems quiet, time ahead

Leaving in the night

wouldn’t I be dead.


Its world is what lays ahead

not sacrificing a life

the fear of “having read

the news” gluttony rife.


Wishing wanting to be led

knowing, gnaws my head

knowing, gnaws my head.

© Thom Amundsen 12/2021

(Song Lyrics)

Working On A Love Story

It’s true I might have one,

I heard about it on the radio,

you know one of that, one

and done love me rodeo.


See these two people can listen

that’s exactly who they are 

nothing more to hide behind when

you know love just can’t get far.


They stood on the street corner

watched those onlookers nearby

not realizing a caring world together

cannot keep this racing in a derby.


I heard that on the radio too, a little woe

much is the difference between this woo.


There’s a love story inside all of us, it’s true

Why else would our lonely nights be blue

Why else would our lonely nights be blue

© Thom Amundsen 11/2021

Oh Waukesha!

I know a person in Waukesha

She is my you

We all in a mirror

See our eyes

Know a tear a sword,

A knowledge

That if we could hear the pain

Her pain, his, they, we all feel

We sow the empathy

Even if rather avoid.

Oh her kindness

She is my you

Our us

A people who will look

Each other in the eye

And love.

Oh Kindness.

Oh, Waukesha!

©️ Thom Amundsen 11/2021