While I Judge The Circus

Standing alone I witnessed a world

not so tangible

once they did let me inside.

Out here where you can hear the screams,

the minions seem cloistered behind closed doors;

we brag about liberty and our freedoms around town.

The minute our space becomes theirs

we fall back,

shelter our own well-being,

only to imagine their fallibility.


When will it be time to look at ourselves,

perhaps we hold the key,

to understanding each other,

to knowing what it is to create a world

beyond self,

far away from that centrism we

pass off in ignorance.


I remember when I was a child,

she told me,

they all want the same thing,

and they’ll say it again,

and you’ll believe their generosity,

sincerity, genuine hypcrisy.


We all do see the same indifference, and yet,

how far away from our reality might we climb,

before our footing becomes another memory.


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