I Will Believe (for the victims of Charleston AME)


When I stepped outside tonight I wondered only the same,

how will you be, she, they, what will we discuss,

I lived for sharing moments, finding God together,

we had our plan,

we were safe with one another,

my life is built around the honor of shared dialogue,

we all do believe in the same,

we wish for similar outcomes,

we share each other’s ideals if only for a couple of hours tonight,

in the safe confines of our local church,

we come together to greet the evening moon,

with scripture in Charleston.

Now I know we haven’t any control over our lives,

today I am testament of that horrific reality.

Tonight I died in the arms of God,

for whatever confusion remains beyond my dreams,

just know I am in a better place even if I didn’t choose this route.

We all pray for better lives,

that’s why,

that’s the reason I left my home tonight,

so I am on my way,


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