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The Soft, Delicious, Natural Mystique of The Rains

If I can stand in the water pouring across my sky,

I feel the beauty of nature, yet this is peace,

I am soft with my notions today,

without pain, the quiet release is cleansing.


Yet, as these words do in a manner please me,

I am saddened by the reality of the south,

there is a certain mystery in how much is little,

how little is the reminder of our vulnerability.


I do pray for the suffering souls whose eyes glance

upward with confusion, praying for the rains

to allow their lives to continue forward beyond the

deluge of God’s mystery in this reckoning.


I will while slumber in the peaceful nature of my world

imagine an energy to save the hurting reminders of time.

I Will Believe (for the victims of Charleston AME)


When I stepped outside tonight I wondered only the same,

how will you be, she, they, what will we discuss,

I lived for sharing moments, finding God together,

we had our plan,

we were safe with one another,

my life is built around the honor of shared dialogue,

we all do believe in the same,

we wish for similar outcomes,

we share each other’s ideals if only for a couple of hours tonight,

in the safe confines of our local church,

we come together to greet the evening moon,

with scripture in Charleston.

Now I know we haven’t any control over our lives,

today I am testament of that horrific reality.

Tonight I died in the arms of God,

for whatever confusion remains beyond my dreams,

just know I am in a better place even if I didn’t choose this route.

We all pray for better lives,

that’s why,

that’s the reason I left my home tonight,

so I am on my way,


Public Reaction ( a prayer for Bruce Jenner )


I don’t understand you,

so rather than try,

I will do my best to desecrate you,

I hope you can respect why.

When I can walk away from truth

I find it far easier to be freely uncouth

I’ll criticize the color of your eyes

if then general masses consider me wise.

I’m not troubled by this at all

I think a lot of people seem to be

getting all over the reality of your fall,

seems they think that life’s rewards come free.

Yet we haven’t really watched you,

beside a paparazzi trail of blood

they’ll trap you right out of the blue,

take no prisoners, one dead, one beloved.

We live in constant scrutiny by our peers,

a society that learns to hide their tears,

I cannot imagine any other way,

I was taught to be critical with dismay.

whenever I cannot understand some event

I will always seek a way I might secure,

my own ability to openly and gaily resent,

the fact that anyone might desecrate the pure.

I remember you as a champion, broke records, a winner.

Today, crumble barriers, run forward, Bruce Jenner

A Prayer

Please God

… and then some words follow


There is a belief

In asking for forgiveness


I was taught

We already had a slew of sins


Therefore a silent mandate

Was thrust upon our wary souls


Each morning sunlight

Symbolic in its wonder


Lights our way

While giving us shelter


Each night then

The moon rises


Providing a sort of

Night light; a soft reminder


Allows me to reflect

Upon the day’s adventure


Problem is

The sun rises again


And the cycle

Starts over


I can’t keep up

Suddenly I’m lost


Wondering how to stop

The roller coaster of notions


Yet there again

The moon settles upon the horizon


A quiet reminder

A new day will follow