Last Night’s Edge

I wandered,

I couldn’t really put the pieces together.

Wanted to just be ok

and convey that in my posture,

but it all felt wrong

sort of mis-guided,

like I was fooling myself.

Suddenly I had all these emotions,

and they spread out

like on a table

a little pile here,

a piece over there,

some spilled to the floor.

I wanted to wrap it all up,

and put it in that bookbag

she used to talk about

when we were kids.

But there was this other piece,

I had no place to put it,

and it definitely held a purpose,

a reason,

a beauty and a Grace

would always stay with me.

It is that piece of my life,

always hanging around

wanting an answer

leaves me thinking I


find the answer

but the question always remains.

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