In The Trials of A Mind

if, we could stop

and satisfy our urgency

with a peaceful propose

could it really happen

that the good would show.

Sitting with a cup of coffee

I try to understand,

the time it takes for me to find resolve.

What does it mean

to constantly torture the soul,

with indecisive letdowns.

I once knew a man

could stand in a posture

inviting and sad.

Step inside

and I’ll show you

a simple traffic pattern

needs a revamp.

Changing the course

of self-reflection.

is an uneasy task

means letting go

saying good-by to apropos.

Those are the moments

let us feel grounded

when everything seems only

to unravel around us.

What does it mean to

understand our psyche.

Was there a belt

a pulling idea

that I might have missed along the way.

Instead I have an immediate draw,

a sense of security

quickly removed

by my own

sense of security.

We keep playing these head games

somewhere deep inside the mind.

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