While We Do Recall the Sunrise

Let’s not forget the reality of our lives,

in paying attention,

in understated judgment

as simple as a recognition of the other side,

that place we are forbidden in our own language,

to ever let intercede with personal disposition.

Let’s not forget there are places we have gone,

little to be recognized, or remembered, or …


we become the antecedent of our own demise,

we are that shallow figure in the bleak fog.

Yet we can remember there is beauty in time,

when all of our sins can be forgiven,

at least by those we love or the few that do love our

own ability to understand the basis of our humanity.

I mean,


I can only be thankful for these quiet recalls,

that I do not have to relive the burden of my falls,

that only I can replace the demons with my dreams,

I am the seeker,

so in justice might I find prayer in the beauty of time.

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