Awakening Dreams (Remember 9/11)


There is a silent warrior exists

in the minds of a planet of media,

we are all a part of a phenomena,

life-changing, philosophically tragic.


Do you recall the day?

the smoke, the gnashing metal, the acrid reality,

the day our lives became a media event,

the time the skies melted a quiet relent.


We could all witness the unnatural cloud cover,

the terror of running lives made for Hollywood,

yet real, so unimaginably horrific is life,

when caught in the swallow of pure evil.


We awoke to a changing landscape

forever altered in the eyes of human terror,

we cried, we found little solace, we died inside,

knowing so many lives were simply … gone.


So today, we celebrate the lives of a nation,

defined by terrorism, refined by hope,

we stand before our flag today with attitude,

yet let’s forget ourselves just for the moment.


Can we remember the innocent, ultimately brave

souls lost to the mystique of evil’s victory,

so today we do recall events so horrific,

and measure our lives inside a sunlit elegance.


Let’s not forget, and let’s stand together,

not for ourselves but for all of the others,

the deplorable nature of true tragedy

merits no statement beyond a supportive stance.


Celebrate our world, celebrate our people,

celebrate the love of our humanity, together.



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