I Wonder About Germany

If I was ever really there,

In form I suppose,

I mean, think about this reality,

What if yesterday,

You hadn’t really taken the time,

To understand the logic of forgotten …


I do recall her though,

In my every walk, every moment,

I remember in a constant state of angst,

I wanted to leave, and yet,

How could I depart this fantasy,

I mean, I was traveling Germany.


Well, to be truthful,

There were many other states

Of mind,

Along the way,

But I always fell back on the obligation,

To understand the purpose of our travel.


I have journals scattered through time,

They contain the truths of my reality,

That fear I might have occurred might

Actually be recorded on that very same day,

Unless of course I fabricated the whole affair,

I worry about that sometimes too.


I wonder sometimes about Germany,

If there is a truth in recalling such a fantasy.

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