If We All Wrote A Letter

If we were given a task

we had no choice really,

If we were all told we would need

to compose

ourselves in a letter,

yes that would mean ink on a parchment.


We were only given two pages,

both sides could be filled in,

or leave a few spaces empty,

but nothing more,

limit your ideas to just

a couple of pages.


If we could all be told to write

two pages about our needs,

how many of us do you think might lie,

instead of being honest with our needs,

we might let our selfish lives interfere.


I wonder if given the chance,

and instructed without severity that

the reader

might actually listen to what was said,

I have to really be curious,

if we could meet some needs,

create some restful moments,

reduce some anxiety,

perhaps, in a matter of words,

we could solve an issue …


We’d have to really know the issues though.

Please I would love you to share words, suggestions …

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