Forget Me Not (Thoughts of Depression)

Once when I was a child,

I learned the truth of sadness,

in all of its horrific tendency,

I was left alone

without magic,

little solace for the time being.


I remember a conversation,

he was graphic, and amazed,

smiling at the irony of horrific


I listened as if one life removed,

wanting only

to bring him back,

I wanted to know why God would be so



So now today,

when I walk alone in the streets

while bodies shift and tussle and fight for that

next step.

I often am reminded of my fear

that whoever might be watching is as

might be more,

disappointed than those that live around me.


I speak only truths here,

scares me as much as it might a reader,

traveled this far to find my reality.


Yet, the sun always rises.

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