A Wish

want to dive inside,
swim around the currents
stop, touch death,
understand why it is you ask me to
Instead of reaching the handle
hot? cold? bitter fantasy,
I often speculate
when out here in the world
that place where everyone

Well that is a state of mind,
if the truth could save my soul,
I would run from every demon
asks me to live the facade,
that place in never land
where the energy we try to
speculate seems unnatural.
Instead we survive in will.

I was listening to an old ballad
the other day,
and she was standing there with me,
that first glance,
the moment I couldn’t breathe,
and yet, she helped me
find my rhythm.

I really want to sing songs with you again,
write words,
increase my heart rate
in the notion that my love for you
inspires your every smile,
creates your need to dial the telephone,
when we could,
only to hang up
after saying “I love you”

Just once.

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