Ode to Truth

I struggle

a day can change

weather is so fascinating

long before predictability,

when last night I believed I was clueless

to how life might impact

this moment.

As I stand here now,

debating the path to challenge

no longer is there an evening stroll,

the casual nature of the human condition,

now put to the test.

I believe in my heart,

let logic come later on,

I do want love to be a central truth,

long before my ego finds satisfaction.

A sad day

occurs when we no longer might recognize


a ‘like’ less powerful than frivolous need.

I am a product of social media,

as are you, me, them, each one of us,

finds our own personal


has a clear motive for passing on

a reminder,

that truth told

defines our reality.

Question an honesty when measured against time,

perhaps we might understand

when acceptance becomes sublime.

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