Category: On Nature

Watching The Sunrise

Simple really.

Nothing complicated

about watching its spectacular

image rising

over the horizon.

Makes you wonder

for a moment,

just a thought,

how small we really are,

and how magical

is the sunlight on a summer’s day.

Watching the stars overnight

and falling asleep in the sky,

a peek of morning sunshine,

lights up the world around us,

any chill turns warm,

like a thermostat in the house.

Yet this is real,

this energy,

this orb before our very eyes

lights up our world.

Locked Doors and Open Windows

I stood outside in the rain,

let it wash over me,

could feel the wetness

run down my back,

my clothes began damp

then soaked

as the tears fell further,


their struggle was my own.

I could think about then

and realize

just how many years ago,

and today still

right with me,

all the time.

When I look a person in the eye

I know their thinking about me,

they were there that day.

I never come to terms

with how we each,

everyone of us

were there that day

and we walked away alone,

wondering why,

how is it that I end up here,

same place,

same horizons

locked doors and open windows.

God’s Grace

Her waters calm, is a pleasant visit

wonder the mystique below the surface.

Gentle waves create comfort I admit

serenity’s magical journey face.

Sitting quiet in the chill arctic air

letting my mind travel a solemn way.

Only now such peace is captured, a fair

mystery pouring a water today.

Cloud cover breaks as sunlight does appear

to indicate a sweet melodic sea.

In nature’s eye see God’s bounty is near

in life a visual formed silently.

To know just how wonderful our chance

Speaks in mind a respite from chaos’ glance 


Silence by a Fire

The quiet room

a place where thoughts

come to life

bouncing off walls

and never settling in the same.

Only the licks of flame,

the cracks as birch lights up

to offer a solace,

a peace from the strain.

I’m listening intent

hoping some break

in the silence

of my calcified mind.

I could stay here forever,

watching the fire,

feeling the embrace

of silence inside the chaos.

A full moon is waiting outside,

hidden by a blanket of cloud,

maybe tomorrow

help explain this sorrow.

I’m watching the embers

await another log,

more licks to the fire,

more crackling aroma

of wood bursting

before my eyes.

Silence by a fire

whatsoever may transpire.

Morning Sunlight

If we allow ourselves

a moment to engage

in the beauty of morning,

sunlight can radiate

our mind and body.

The leaves are turning

watching the autumn

descend upon our

summer dreams.

We will cycle

toward the arctic,

winter winds.

Yet, stand in the sunlight

for a moment, we might.

Early Morning

In the gaze of candles

illuminating the room,

my children’s faces,

held in time to behold.

I was wondering about the day,

the new year,

watching flickering lights

waiting for me to decide.

I looked up from my coffee

slow immediate steam swirls

reminding me of beauty,

the little things that turn our lives

to where we land,

and then I thought of

that time before.

© Thom Amundsen 1/2022

Suddenly Settled

He watched quiet

a dog running

safely sequestered

in a dog park.


Look at the gentle sky

outside his window.

Sunlight crystal crossing snow,

he does breathe.


Last night candles

brought a peace

an unanticipated

trip into seclusion.


Stood inside

a garrison

of afterthought

wondering what now.


An opportunity knocking

take advantage and run.

The benefit of self

exploring new diamonds.

©️ Thom Amundsen 12/2021

This Silence

Feel the wind against the pane

a song, a following

a giving greeting

in a storm.

Then gone, it disappears,

left in quiet

taking in a gray day outside.

A time to reflect

let memory share a moment

when all that matters

lay before me,

such is beauty when to breathe

is another utterance of fresh air

heard in the breeze,

silent in mind.

©️ Thom Amundsen 12/2021

Something In The Fog

In the quiet of morning

a glance


some catharsis looming.

We know the quiet

in silence

in chance

something in a silent



to each of us alone

though there would be

chance is only tone

the manner

a solitude

beyond an awkward

resonance with time

and shadows forward

acting upon this rhyme

in our lives

we feel the alives

of heart and soul

though we wish a fool

be our last venture

in fact, step in

the misty adventure.

© Thom Amundsen 10/2021

A Wandering Mind

I wonder sometimes where it is I might go,

if given the opportunity

the freedom to walk away from everything

mechanical in my mind.

You see,

there is a kind of volley of emotion

we live by,

we cannot forget or perhaps

we wish we might be the one,

whom always does

need a reminder,

a reminder to live our lives

in the present

without reflection,

no memory

that might bring us down,

for there is the rub,

that down-trodden personality

the one that seemingly

‘makes us stronger’

in the end when it is far too late.

Too late,

you might beg for an option,

and quite simply there is,

but until you decide,

had enough

that fantasy remains strong

as we age,

stronger forever,

an eternal duel with what works

and what unravels in time

for a crisis to engulf …

my state of mind.

© Thom Amundsen 9/2021