All The Wants

If time could pause only to return

fond memory, the happy place

If all we needed to discern

of life at an even pace,

would our hearts be able to align

with a natural embrace, a certain peace

of mind, the sort might love be mine.

I once knew where in my soul some pain

could resonate with my state of being,

I once cried out loud to feel less plain,

to know a spiritual reckoning

could be a valid reason to somehow believe

our lives did matter that time together.

I wonder if we might know how to weave

a certain pattern, a telling notion whether

this was ever meant to be surely real,

or were we pawns in a greater scheme.

I do recall the love you gave to be surreal,

often a distant dance in distal dream.

Often when in the quiet of my own reflection,

I wish your eyes staring towards our passion.

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