If I Could See to Share

A dark sky can loom forever,

waiting, an eager participant,

life happens,

so they say,

storms occur in unabashed

fury to temper the imagination

that which might arise

in the dullest night when life needs hope,

perhaps another request,

the sort of asking forgiveness when well beyond the realm

the life we knew became the regret we considered

could never happen to me.

It is that piece of survival I wish,

I would only experience alone.

If time might allow a pass,

can you imagine the decades we might choose

to leave behind.

A path, a grassy cutaway through a forest

a relative term when we do imagine

a world around us in continual motion,

always trying to find their way.

I was walking one afternoon when the sun

suddenly as if by choice,

struck the land around my eyes,

a deeper resonance

beyond any material moments around me.

I think of that day, try to recreate the energy,

bring me home again,

so I might for just a little while,

know that which you could understand



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