What I Want

What I want is certainly that which I cannot have

though I think that true of everyone

including the stars in the sky,

hanging in the balance always in a shine,

wondering just where everyone else


What I want is to understand the purpose

of knowing just that outlet whereby

my satisfaction becomes immediate

with all of the foolish glory of delight

in one huge display of authentic


What I hope is perhaps that one day,

when I look a stranger in the eye,

they might know even that person whose

path they did cross, might eventually

find the same outlet we all wish to define our


What I want is to get the intrigue,

the excitement comes with finding a now,

the moment, the explosive inspiration,

that time when our eyes need no reminder,

they only bask in the beauty of recognized


What I want is for our society to look up at the stars,

know they are not going away, and whether we decide

to be truthful or ironic with our lives, all the actions

we employ depend entirely on ourselves, and even

they are brilliant in illumination, they may very well still,


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