Distance Learning

I went away for awhile,

at least,

left pages and pages of words behind,

walked back into the real world,

that place when in the present,

often leaves me,

silly I suppose,

afraid of my many shadows.

I found I missed my shelter,

feeling exposed,

subject to an enlightenment far more real,

than perhaps certain words splayed on paper.

I discovered I would look more intently,

at a lush forest,

the crack in asphalt in a road,

perhaps broken glass swept into the corner,

with each visual,

knowing what I might be thinking,

had little bearing upon all that exists around me.

I took a journey recently,

through hills and waterways,

where nature’s beauty enhanced our days,

I realized I will never be alone.

Having traveled some distance helped

offer a newer perspective on responsibility.

I’m just left curious if that will hold.

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