The Colors of the Rainbow

© Lea Wiggins Painting

© Lea Wiggins Painting


I remember when as a child l would look a misty morning,

to see the rainbow arching over the city, the pot of gold

awaiting all of our dreams, hoping all of our wishes being

brought to life in that moment, Nature’s spectrum vast and bold.


I know we all have dreams we hold that await fruition

sometimes years may pass before we can hold true to love

yet today I glance across the world whose delightful action,

no longer words, simply the dreams of many sing the dove


In a coo, in a spiritual elegance, our world has become as one

a thinking that allows each and everyone of us to smile

inside the colors of the rainbow, we are freedom and we’ve won

if only to acknowledge humanity is truly serene we shan’t beguile.


The highest court spoken aloud to the heart and soul of many

their predecessors might rest today, as radiant is our epiphany.


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