Music To Cry By (Sade)

She is just beautiful,

sleek, smooth, black,

like a midnight sun,

rolling across the ocean’s tide,

I watch her,

eyes that move through me,

when she looks,

when she sees me glancing her way,

I wonder sometimes,

when standing before us all,

if she can feel the passion,

we all believe is moving through her body,

when she does sleek,

melodic with grace, an elegance so defined,

we just cannot understand why,

such wonder really does exist,

tonight before our eyes,

can we just listen all night long,

and melt away the fear, just listen,

again, another song,

and her voice,

her eyes,

her words with her eyes so smooth,

that elegance is a magical journey,

we wish upon ourselves,

each other,

there’s absolutely no way we cannot.



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