While Reality Lives Around Us


Awaken a silent morning,

to hear spring, sweet coo …

song along the river bed,

while tossing lures, reaching deep pools,

waiting for an answer to rise before our eyes,

we will continue to live this way,

a certain peace, a settling pause,

yet, are we concerned about today,

or perhaps wanting to leave tomorrow aside,

for just another hour beyond that stay.


I didn’t turn on the news in the morning,

instead I waited for the natural tune

Earth in quiet repose,

comes alive in my mind,

while I listen for Her sound.

Are we sometimes too fooled

to recognize the beauty exists

in every living day,

rather than the focus of tragedy,

always lurking nearby,

we haven’t the stomach to know

everything haunting that steps upon

a glorious morning, a sunlit melody.


As fallible as our inspiration compels the mind,

can we now breathe in, breathe out, namaste.


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