When We Least Recognize


A rainbow in a western sky,

I noticed outside,

glancing out the corner of my eye,

While I leaned beside

my imaginary door,

the kind that allows me to dream,

to imagine again,

what might be on the other side.

I think about these moments,

a natural phenomena in the blue,

creates a certain delight,

allows me to slow down to view,

the beauty of nature,

an elegance we might only observe,

without being able to control.

A stream of light with fables attached,

that rainbow holds some pot of cash,

but it isn’t real, doesn’t actually exist.

Instead the colors offer hope,

a beautiful sparkling landscape,

vibrant is the earth tone surrounds  us.

When I was a little boy,

I remember the first time

I wondered about who I was.

It was then at that moment,

I did suddenly forget,

unable from then on

to understand, to recognize that we,

each and everyone of us,

no matter the facade,

is as real as any summer rain’s

vibrant mystique in rainbow streams.


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