Continue to Speak Love (2015)


We have a significant passage of time,

symbolic notions of change in the air.

We want to forget what we dismiss,

dislike, disregard, disillusionment remains though.

We wish to wake in the morning and forget the ill-mannered

demons of the past.

Perhaps we may, if only we dialogue along the way,

We must remember opportunity.

Within the crisis of our lives we can breathe

a sigh of relief that we made it another year;

so when we reflect

when we try to acknowledge,

when we shudder at our reality,

when suddenly we realize our ills,

the patterns of human nature we haven’t resolved.

When all of those burdens,

flood back into our psyche,

let’s not wash them away with champagne,

instead, let’s take pause,

and then a little later on,

take pause again.


What can I do to offer change,

how do I get outside of my head and wish peace upon your own.

We are everyman in our

attitude, beliefs, compassion, ignorance, desire to resolve.

We do live the same lives,

we are the same in the trappings of the human condition.

And yet,

we have a blessing,

We have this innate ability to think,

yeah that’s right,

we can think about where we, who we, why we,

there are so many avenues we can contemplate.


Can we love?


We must look at ourselves now,

realize our responsibility relies upon our actions.

Oh, damn those reactions,

I mean …

I really want to believe

that this year,

as we begin again a calendar date,

we might use it for what it is,

a symbolic opportunity to strive,

to ask for all of our energy,

to create a positive stride,

a love that everyone might embrace.

We can understand each other,

support one another,

look into one another’s eyes with peaceful restraint,

ignore the hostile fear that brought us so much pain.

Look into the eyes of your neighbor,

your Christian, Buddhist, Islamic convert, Mormon,

Jew, Baptist, Agnostic, Atheist, Quaker,

and continue looking for there certainly are more,

yet all of them,

each one of those people,

those strangers we refuse to know,

each human being has the same needs.

so let’s share the wealth,

let’s bring a reckoning and begin tonight,

let’s recognize our lives really are precious,

Our lives do matter,

always and beyond the ill met selfish realities,

that created fear’s doorstep.

Let’s break up the concrete.

and let’s speak beauty,

let’s practic,

let’s love.


If Time Permits


I would like to understand these simple things.

I have a list

If I let myself go, there are many avenues

my thinking might explore, ponder, imagine.

I might even create  a sweet notion that causes

reflection …

When we do take the time to step away,

step off the platform,

allow people to engage, interact, respond

to one another

rather than leading the imagination.

Perhaps then it is that we

our common selves,

our part of a greater entity,

begins to, once in a while, not everyday learn

acceptance …

If time permits,

I would like once,

to create a certain energy,

that with everyone in every way,

allows their lives to relax and find peace,

to believe there is a way,

to understand, to recognize, to speak

openly and without distraction or descent,

only to,


Real World

When the day begins we watch the light

rise above the horizon, light up the sky

we can imagine everyone that might

decide that now we answer questions why

we structure our lives around simple time

a measure here, and change becomes a need

life goals might change at the drop of a dime

hearts prevail in idealism’s seed.

Now walk ahead and leave the past behind

we have our lives, such true loves that await

the reckoning, caress of the sweet mind

that which we casually operate

I watched the sun rise this morning alone

realizing errors I must atone.

Trapped Inside Worry


drifting alone

only confusion as walls thick

encompass my senses, dreams

I can only feel their trappings

cold though rather inviting,

carrying me in a slow descent

purposeful with soothing draw

ahead only the haze of sweet anxiety

speaks to me as I fall further frightened

in my dreams.

What awaits my waking hour?

When love becomes our answer to today – A Sonnet for Christmas


When love becomes our answer to our day,

our dreams, our passions, are every way

responsible. We seek new travels when

just ahead,

family makes some sort of sense again.

Each day we walk across same horizons

acting out our world through inspiration.

We live to dream to overcome our fears.

to be led

along safe departures strong with new tears

Please look aside in front and all around

A spiritual reality is found

We are the energy of our sweet lives

break some bread,

cherishing love when anyone arrives.

So now tonight take hands in quiet peace

share love, draw happiness, allow release!

Outside Ourselves

Say hello to that world we never see


Crying beyond our ignorant psyche

The children really are starving … not free

to live lives as wasteful as you and me.

When the man asks about that penance fee

take a moment and breathe so you might see …

A few prayers regardless of decree

Energy that suggests ‘love’ always be

on the forefront with everyone that we

encounter if – whether you disagree.

Across the globe sing and dance gratefully

practice love, such elegance you’ll agree,

will open our hearts, offer a release

evil’s intentions, love offers that peace.

Motown Rocks! – Motown the Musical

Motown The Musical in its current Broadway tours run at the Orpheum, wows their audience on so many levels. We went last night, anticipating the beautiful renditions of what put the Black sound on the map with the Temptations, the Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, and so many others.
Touching for me was a little young man reliving the life of Michael Jackson and his brothers. My own life grew up with the Jackson Five, and I remember ‘ABC’ like it was yesterday. That could bring tears in memory. But the real showcase of the night had to be the recreation of DIana Ross and the Supremes on stage. The actor emulated the beauty of DIana’s spontaneity and passion for life, and simulating her relationship with Barry Gordon the creator of Motown, the concept of ‘love’ is addressed.
That’s really the takeaway from this Hennepin Theatre Trust’s current run of ‘Motown the Musical’ through the 28th of December. That element of ‘love’ so forgotten by the constraints of our society is sorely missed today. From the important movement of ‘blackl ives matter’ and the confusion that exists in our societal relations today, this movie suggests why Motown was ever an inspiration in the first place.
Along the way there are history lessons that though the cast parodies for audience appeal were very real in the 60’s & 70’s. This musical reminds us of a different time, though still rampant with the same needs today. We still, when all is said and done, must learn to ‘love’ one another.

© Thom Amundsen 2014