Continue to Speak Love (2015)


We have a significant passage of time,

symbolic notions of change in the air.

We want to forget what we dismiss,

dislike, disregard, disillusionment remains though.

We wish to wake in the morning and forget the ill-mannered

demons of the past.

Perhaps we may, if only we dialogue along the way,

We must remember opportunity.

Within the crisis of our lives we can breathe

a sigh of relief that we made it another year;

so when we reflect

when we try to acknowledge,

when we shudder at our reality,

when suddenly we realize our ills,

the patterns of human nature we haven’t resolved.

When all of those burdens,

flood back into our psyche,

let’s not wash them away with champagne,

instead, let’s take pause,

and then a little later on,

take pause again.


What can I do to offer change,

how do I get outside of my head and wish peace upon your own.

We are everyman in our

attitude, beliefs, compassion, ignorance, desire to resolve.

We do live the same lives,

we are the same in the trappings of the human condition.

And yet,

we have a blessing,

We have this innate ability to think,

yeah that’s right,

we can think about where we, who we, why we,

there are so many avenues we can contemplate.


Can we love?


We must look at ourselves now,

realize our responsibility relies upon our actions.

Oh, damn those reactions,

I mean …

I really want to believe

that this year,

as we begin again a calendar date,

we might use it for what it is,

a symbolic opportunity to strive,

to ask for all of our energy,

to create a positive stride,

a love that everyone might embrace.

We can understand each other,

support one another,

look into one another’s eyes with peaceful restraint,

ignore the hostile fear that brought us so much pain.

Look into the eyes of your neighbor,

your Christian, Buddhist, Islamic convert, Mormon,

Jew, Baptist, Agnostic, Atheist, Quaker,

and continue looking for there certainly are more,

yet all of them,

each one of those people,

those strangers we refuse to know,

each human being has the same needs.

so let’s share the wealth,

let’s bring a reckoning and begin tonight,

let’s recognize our lives really are precious,

Our lives do matter,

always and beyond the ill met selfish realities,

that created fear’s doorstep.

Let’s break up the concrete.

and let’s speak beauty,

let’s practic,

let’s love.

13 responses to “Continue to Speak Love (2015)

  1. Excellent account of being boosters in community. Reminds me of the story of the old man who went around with the oil can loosening things and helping them to function. And love starts with pain experienced and the resultant compassion.


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