If Time Permits


I would like to understand these simple things.

I have a list

If I let myself go, there are many avenues

my thinking might explore, ponder, imagine.

I might even create  a sweet notion that causes

reflection …

When we do take the time to step away,

step off the platform,

allow people to engage, interact, respond

to one another

rather than leading the imagination.

Perhaps then it is that we

our common selves,

our part of a greater entity,

begins to, once in a while, not everyday learn

acceptance …

If time permits,

I would like once,

to create a certain energy,

that with everyone in every way,

allows their lives to relax and find peace,

to believe there is a way,

to understand, to recognize, to speak

openly and without distraction or descent,

only to,


Please I would love you to share words, suggestions ...

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