Missing Moments

How often which moment we decide is priority

becomes the nucleus of our day

So many avenues we must try to oblige

become a distraction of what is real.

We could join a monastery and dedicate our dreams

to those of ‘the others’ the ones we know

have a greater need than our … asphalt resurfacing.

We might imagine taking a stand on a cause to change

the obstacles that prevent altruistic lives

from becoming an action rather than a notion

towards bettering our neighborhood.

I wonder if a rant of appraisal will allow

the moments we miss to become simple fallow.

I want to be there, while you are here, when we are …

together sharing our lives, our hearts, our desires.

I hope I can step outside of my own self-driven

patterns of anonymity

that place where I like to hide

when I realize I cannot keep up with the world around me

I am drawn by the guilt and shame

the needless judgment that I know is so correct

even when I cannot keep up and need to become

the human being of frailty and fault that I really am.

I’m missing moments and this is my reality.

Please I would love you to share words, suggestions ...

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