What Really Matters


(elaine tweedy paintings)

Taking a drive

Want to cruise the landscape

Roadblocks always seem

To slam my path

At a most convenient time

For others.

Brings me to my first vista

We do like to focus on them

Rather than perhaps, ah, ahem

Looking deep into our own psyche


Not so fast

Let’s talk about them a little bit more

Just a tad

So much easier than before

I want to understand

Just why it is that they are them

Those, others, because, why

Do they always seem to drive away

Or wait just a second

Light turns green

Moving on is so much easier

When glancing ahead

Journeying towards that

Inner peace

Will it exist if I drop everything else behind

A trunkful of baggage that I carry

With me each and every day.

Onto the next vista

Has a sort of mellow energy

Cannot quite ascertain the purpose

Feels wonderful, sweet peaceful

What am I thinking you might ask?

Certainly many things but nothing resembles

Any notions of … splendor is sought!

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