Rainy Days In Real Form

When walking alone by the naked shore,

Small pebbles hurt the bottom of my soul,

while finding balance in ocean floor whole

I did discover real becomes much more

When standing in the rain to feel soft tease

I wandered further in the sea line edge

wanting somehow to find a proverbial ledge

a place to stand, to hope, to view life at ease.

When contemplating the gray upon my day,

I wondered about still seeking some answer

to the question does remain, when whether

the waves surreal, gather the rains this way.

Oh, to understand the reason a cleanse release

Oh, to recognize nature form a simple peace.


“I Read The News Today, Oh Boy” – John Lennon


He always did have a reason to speak, when his lyrics would wind our mind,

“Watching the wheels turn,” he seemed clearly in command of his time,

While we the listeners would be in a constant trance, a mellow sweet remind

How easily his lyrical mastery could make a dull afternoon be sublime.


Often the names and faces of humanity lose their certain authenticity

When this our society continues along a road so designed to fail.

We gather steam to criticize the Man, the friend, the neighbor; duplicity

Becomes an only nostalgic desire, when spinning  our arms flail.


Oh to hear it said by a pundit’s Machiavellian tongue, meant to misconstrue

We rest our mind to know we haven’t a need to hear it all, day, long.

Rather everyday a glance in the sky to recognize the world is only as true

As a remarkable miracle, allows our hypocritical lives to finally belong.


Yes, “it was 20 years ago today, Sergeant Peppers taught the band to play”

We all took in the moment, singing “all you need is love”- live life this way.


Morning Ritual

Cool haze of a morning frost settles the eye
A sky has a limit and shadows do comply
While I wonder in warmer tonal slumber cry
Winds seek shelter seem to only suggest why.

How is it a mind choose to travel this distance
While away the morning if by given chance
A mood is drawn on canvas a spectacular blue
Pastel reminders of the silliness we eschew

When do I cry in the moment this time allow
If while walking alone in silence wander how
Lonely is a gust of wind a shallow reminder now
Callous is nature at the human condition’s bow

Whisper hello towards a greeter in the quiet release
In this our routine, sweet breathe we a lover’s peace.

Without News

I chose to leave the news left off today,

the tube that tells me the world’s dismay.

Instead I took solace in a little music

that might take me somewhere less frantic.


I am confident the world still does exist,

Rather the leaves in sunlight I can’t resist.

Is it possible to recognize our need to center

our lives, to inform our souls quiet love rather.


Sometimes in the break of day when I can see

my world around me is so simple and free

I have to wish I stay sheltered only here today

walk away from the realities of society’s dismay.


I left the news off for the remainder of this day

I feel a genuine happiness inside my mind today.



Being One

I am simple minded and free

When left to imagine a fantasy

Cross my world with reality

Decidedly life will script a tragedy


I might drift a cloud toward harmony

Knowing well the showered frivolity

Awaits such cavernous society

Careful in characteristic accuracy


Yet when can, when will, a decree

Upon justice ever realize travesty

Has already sentenced an oddity,

Weathered inside mysterious fallacy


I cannot yet determine a crossing sea

Bestow sweet waves aglow may I see.

In Quiet Respite

While yesterday remains in vivid form

We in lives earned trial toward norm

Each avenue of lesson we carry on

Knowledge inherent are we put upon


The traffic of our lives become wary

When reminders of fortune are nary

Though present in the beauty of now

We will always be left alone somehow


In the presence of peaceful enterprise

Truth is thoughtful toward anyone wise

Tally the burden of miscreant pander

Will sallow the grace upon each other


Crossing reminders that emulate strife

Fatigue echo attractive a sweet afterlife

Beyond Recall

Our mental capacity to find reason

Often tests the gall of human nature

Though we’d rather dissuade altercation

Passive recall might suggest a future.


Well beyond shallow layers of hope

Play the mystical turns in silent virtue

Throughout life we assuredly cope

Like rabid dog left with nothing to chew


We lay constant groundwork in Good,

Try our best to be open in, less vile

Circumstance, the pendulum would

Scream precarious scrape across tile


Beyond the notoriety our lives being one

Never believe a solace for actions begun.