That’s Supposed To Mean Something

That’s supposed to mean something,

when suddenly we are fixated

by some oddity,

another moment in silence.

We live our lives


having found some, solace,

a quiet respite.

Something of a word I stole,

one night

when finding a reflection

I no longer wish to see.

And then watch as evening turns to night,

and we adjust to

comfy pajamas

and wild intentions.

See it seems,

the human condition

likes to play around with the mind

let our thoughts run rampant.

Suddenly I don’t know

where I am,

and that’s always

the scary part.

Having spent a life

in reflection with disdain,

it is sometimes hard to imagine,

a life without fanfare.

Tonight I was talking about

living a life,

that isn’t my own,

but causes me great envy.

I wonder about that

human part of me,

the piece that one soon forgets

is attached to every person

I interact with

today, tomorrow, that afternoon,

a day,

and every second we spoke,

we were looking in a mirror.

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