I’m A Different Person

I’m a different person

than when the rains came,

came early each morning,

watching the skies cloud.

I could feel the chill

as the air around me

collapsed in a season

of finding some sort of peace.

I could cry myself

hours into the night,

always wishing for some

respite from the pain.


I’m a different person

when I think about ‘

tomorrow and how it

matters to know.

For there is a solemn

prayer with growth

when we all find

some natural peace.

I look at the forest

now in the summertime,

I can see the movement

where stars light up the night.


I’m a different person

for now the winds calm

I can feel a gentle breeze

as does the healing of my heart.

I can remember those days,

the storms inside my

quiet ego, straining

to overcome the rain.

I watch the sunsets now,

feeling a silent redemption,

for my own failures

turned into sweet spring.


I’m a different person

withstanding water’s wisdom.

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