Quiet Serenity

I feel lost sometimes

when I’m alone

when I let my thoughts

take over my state of mind.

I can sit for hours

without any solution,

a quiet serenity

just out of my reach.

It’s all I want really,

peace of mind.

It’s what we all want

a personal catharsis.

The other day

I was in my chair

for hours

without any recourse,

just a quiet stare at the walls,

a reckoning with only longing.

I’d like to find

some way to be happy,

some way to understand

how hard it can be to live.

But see I have to,

haven’t a choice,

life has only suggested

figure it out

before it’s too late

before the day is over.

Dreams won’t help,

taking you down some road

I don’t understand when I wake,

I wonder what just happened.

Seems I’m all in my head

without any direction.

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