Love Songs

Where everyone

gets the concept.

We all have our battles,

the battle to get out of bed

the battle to give ourselves nutrition

the battle to believe in ourselves,

oh to make a list

and never stop finding.

What is it we look for,

who is it we find,

why is it we can’t stop

thinking about our wine.

There are so many avenues

when it comes to knowing love,

we all have the courage

we all know the rules,

yet we so often forget ourselves,

trying to find the clues.

When at the end of the day,

the sun is going down,

the stars are about to light

in their cosmos,

an eternal flame,

when we all stop and observe,

when we decide to listen,

we can’t help there is a common

nature about ourselves.

If we can for a moment

step off our pedestal

and join the crowd,

maybe love then might exist.

Please I would love you to share words, suggestions ...

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