Two Old Guys

He walked in

a little on his own,

surveying the room,

looking for the right spot,

seemed to take

a seat in consolation,

over by the window,

a little bright on the eyes.

Another table packed up and left.

He grabbed his coat,

and with ease made his way,

wrapped his coat around the chair,

seemed happy and satisfied,

on his own with a cell phone.

A few minutes go by,

another guy walks in,

same age and stature

and he pauses in front of the

settled gentleman

who looks up and points a finger

wry smile,

and the other too,

they have a banter,

he waits for him to get his coffee.

Sit together

share a little dialogue,

you know by looking at the two of them,

they’ve enjoyed these days for a long while.

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