It’s 1 AM

I’ve been in this chair for hours

the temperature is the same

the clocks seem to be working

and it’s cold outside.

Not a lot has changed

state of mind is the same

my brain seems to be working

and I’m feeling sad,

kind of vacant feeling,

can’t really put a finger on it,

even though the moon outside

is beautiful.

It is,

I could talk about that all night,

and wonder if it still matters.

It’s 1 AM

and I feel like I’m just getting started

but I haven’t any idea

where I’m really going.

I thought about people tonight,

could I even handle knowing anyone

when I have a lot of trouble

knowing myself.

The music is playing,

a selection of familiar

songs, those I prefer,

and my state of mind

is the same, again.

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