Chicken Noodle Soup and Bread Sticks

Remember that was a cool thing,

they’d serve them up hot,

you could get take out

and be a real romantic with

chicken noodle soup and bread sticks.

I can almost taste the soup today,

the breadsticks warm to my touch,

you were so under the weather that day,

the bike ride was a piece of cake

even without a basket.

We didn’t have cars then,

only our will and our passions

would bring us everywhere

always wanting to make

each other happy together.

Remember rainy days

around the lake

a walk in a midsummer shower

knowing we had that soup and bread

waiting for our naked, soaked bodies.

Remember winter afternoons,

a good ski or snow shoe,

and later on with the fire

and our noodles and sticks.

Sitting around today, wishing

I might have a little time

to relax and imagine

sharing a cup with you.

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