Listening to Joan Baez

She sings a song,

and I begin to weep.

I want to though,

it’s what the music asks.

Takes me away,

on a journey,

somewhere deep in my mind,

where everything speaks

of being human,

learning to live

with that we have

and that we have not.

There’s something beautiful

in a voice,

a passionate breath,

telling stories,

minding her own tears,

talking about love,

about loss

about anything

makes a good song.

Listening to Joan Baez

in the twilight of a starless sky,

the gray of a winter’s night,

waiting for the next storm,

winds of change,

the ground is frozen,

waiting for the fall.

I listened to her voice,

made me want to cry,

everything I believed

seemed so simple

in that time,

a yesteryear,

when questions remained

always looking around,

hoping someone might

suggest an answer,

turn me on to a new path,

makes me wonder

if I might ever

find it again.

One response to “Listening to Joan Baez”

  1. Sehr schön… Danke !
    Ich verehre Joan Baez schon über 50 Jahre.
    Sie ist eine ganz tolle , bewundernswerte Frau.
    Danke liebe Joan Baez für alles, was Sie in Ihrem Leben geleistet haben. ( Ihre wunderschöne und so aussagekräftigen Lieder, Ihren Einsatz gegen Krieg, die Todesstrafe, Rassenhass und jegliche Ungerechtigkeiten auf unserer Welt.
    Danke Danke liebe Joan.

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