Haunting Dissolve

It began with those …

an icy depth

of years; not knowing

wondering each day.

The wall had been erected

and suddenly the

last brick

placed with careful

reflexive muse.

The door seemed not enough.

How to make a statement

with no recourse;

a fight wouldn’t happen

too much knowing judgment.

Put clothes on and walk,

downstairs confusion.

How do we react

when in minutes

our body engages in a tightening grip,

have to release

all of this angst.

Understanding fully well

we aren’t alone today.

We only need step forward

with all the energy we can

There are so many backsteps

well ahead of this day.

Years ago,

Then reflect on that time,

what it meant to hold someone,

to want to hold that someone.

Where did the time go

when suddenly

we forget,

There’s a lost history with

coming to terms

answering questions

that would describe its demise.

Wondering out loud in the moment.

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