I Cried

Like a baby I did,

many nights alone,

I no longer knew

who I was anymore.

I would wake in the morning

and sob over my coffee,

my eyes swollen from

just the night before.

Before that

and every day in between.

I no longer knew

who I was anymore.

People I would ask

would suggest I quiet,


think about anything else,

and yet to myself,

I no longer mattered.

I was afraid,

so the tears would give me peace,

a feeling so genuine,

I couldn’t deny it was real

in my fabricated world.

I stand more clear eyed today,

but the tears want to return,

I think when pain is real,

then to cry can be surreal.

Let it go,

the floods of a release

the human condition

as we are all familiar,

contains just so many layers.

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