Cautious Interplay

Suddenly cautious


safety risks

climbing stairs that is,

don’t fret upon unnecessary


We all delve

we ask desire

to provide us a passion,

simple. freeing.

Every morning, though we fog it,

our memory reinstates

the necessity to replay,

re-stay in that state of mind,

the one, we know we don’t know.

Well, we know, we don’t want.

One doesn’t truly desire anxiety,

waking to sunshine we flaunt

a beautiful day, focus upon insecurity.

And then, well, its gone,

until another morning, some way

we wake inside a dream we faun

we hadn’t imagined this today.

That’s when we know, this front

needs to find a narrow corridor,

to keep space is limited and secure.

Sounds like a spy novel in order,

filled with carousel and an uncertain future.

© Thom Amundsen 11/2021

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