A Banished Soul

It’s been banished

deep inside his own soul,

a non-believer

a decider.


While begging


all seems a regretting



Like this is supposed to happen

common rants

hopeful outcomes that then

deliberately trip on ramps.


An all extolling soul

would already,

having seen the cast in whole

stay at the ready.


Far inside the mind

a torn facade of truth

speculations unwind

– the way back to her youth.


Simply have to be who – they

nothing faulty

lots of convoluting slam.

leaves the soul less guilty.


a wisp of sweet summer fall

and the heart is clean

the soul swindling infidel

long set sail, peaceful scene.


Perhaps a clue, any idea

what we are talking about

who they are in the media,

instances dreamt afloat.


Commonality is our swoon

like life, living in a festoon.

© Thom Amundsen 10/2021

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